Using Google Docs for Real-time Lecture Feedback

Instructions for setting up a series of questions that you can get students to respond to in real-time within a lecture on any internet enabled device.

Create a Google form with the question that you wish to ask.

Creating a Google form.

  1. Login to your Google drive
  2. Select Create and choose Form from the drop down menu
  3. Give the form a name and select a background theme (I like notepad)
  4. Give the form a descriptive title (This will appear on the form)
  5. Add help text to explain the type of response you are looking for.
  6. Choose the response type. e.g. Multiple choice, Text, Drop down list, checkbox etc…
  7. I like to have the responses stored into a Google Spreadsheet. To create the linked spreadsheet. Select Responses from the  menu bar and then Choose Response destination. If you wish to create a new spreadsheet then select Create

I use the Moodle lesson block to create the interface in which to present the questions to the students. This allows you to create a content page for each question and control the navigation from question to question.

  1. Create a new lesson activity.
  2. Add a content page
  3. Give the question a title
  4. Get the embed link from the Google Docs form: Select File>Embed and copy the link from the box that appears
  5. Now to include the embed link from Google Docs in the Moodle lesson. This needs to go into the page contents area, however, you need to edit the html directly to do this. First open the html editor by clicking the  Edit html Source button, then paste in the google iframe and select update.
  6. Sort out your navigation: Edit the content 1 description with the lable you would like to use for the navigation button. “Next” is usually sufficient for most purposes. Select the destination using the drop down box.
  7. Ignore everything else and hit save.
  8. Repeat steps 1-8 to add more questions.

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